BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT (BBL) in Turkey | Pre-Op/Post-Op | BEFORE/AFTER EsteAura

What is Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)? How is it done?
The aesthetic operation that improves the appearance of the butt and has a fuller hip structure is called Brazilian butt aesthetics. This procedure, which is applied using only the patients’ own adipose tissue, gives extremely permanent and beautiful results.

In Brazilian butt aesthetics, which can be done by women living in Brazil who want to achieve the butt appearance, physical thinning is first provided. In addition, women with a flat and square-looking hip structure can also benefit from this procedure. On the other hand, there are cases such as flattening, loosening and sagging in the hip area of ​​women who experience weight loss due to advancing age. In order to make the hips, which are accepted as a symbol of beauty in women, look more upright and aesthetic, BBL, Brazilian butt aesthetics applications have recently been very popular.

Methods Used in Brazilian Butt Aesthetics
After the examination of the surgeon, fat injection or butt lift by suspension can be applied. In addition, the surgery process is initiated by considering the demands and suggestions of the patients. After the women share their complaints with the doctor for the hip area, the method to be preferred is determined.

Suspension technique is applied to women who have shapeless hips due to weight loss. This situation, which also affects the lower part of the abdominal area, can be eliminated by suspension. Prosthesis method is among the most preferred BBL applications today. Silicone prosthesis can be made for insufficiencies in the upper part of the hip. Finally, an extremely beautiful buttocks appearance can be achieved with fat injection.

Before Brazilian Butt Lift
Some examinations are requested before butt aesthetics. After the physical control of the hip with blood tests, the examination is completed by using imaging tests. Patients should stop smoking and alcohol consumption 1 week before surgery. In addition, it is imperative not to consume herbal supplements as well as blood thinners such as aspirin. All these situations are also valid for the first 3 months after the Brazilian butt lift surgery.
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