Evolution of BBL: From Dr

From the origins of the Brazilian Butt Lift to JLo and Kim Kardashian. Dr. William and our host Gabby Allen talk about the evolution of liposuction and the Ogee Line in plastic surgery. They also talk about fat transfer and how it is used in different procedures besides a BBL, like face lifts. – Spoiler Alert! They will give instructions on how to participate in a giveaway of $250, and we will announce the winner in our next episode of “Behind The Mask: The Podcast”. You don’t want to miss it.

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0:00 intro
1:00 What is a BBL
4:21 The Origin of the Brazilian Butt Lift
7:47 The BBL process
14:27 Skninny BBL, Body Fat and Diets.
21:20 Liposuction
23:15 BBL Recovery
30:21 Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon
38:30 Tips for a BBL

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