Liposuction vs Vaser Liposuction

Liposuction can be applied to women, especially in the abdomen, hip, leg and hip areas that are difficult to melt with sports and diet; Men prefer it around the waist and in the belly area.

In the classical liposuction method, 3-5 mm incisions are made at the appropriate points of the area where the application will be made and a special solution is injected into the adipose tissue. The oils, which are broken down with the help of a solution, are turned into liquid. In this way, liposuction can be applied comfortably without bleeding. Liquefied fats are taken from various parts of the body through specially designed cannulas connected to a vacuum pump. The operation is applied to the body folds and areas that will be under underwear in order to prevent the incision scars from being seen.

In the Vaser liposuction method performed with the Vaser device, unlike the classical liposuction method, the excess fat in the body is liquefied with the help of ultrasonic sound waves. The liquefied fat is thrown out with the help of thin cannulas. In Vaser liposuction application, there are no grater-style blades at the end of the cannulas, as in the classical liposuction application. In this way, there is no risk of damaging nerves and vessels in vaser liposuction application. In addition, less bruising, edema and swelling are seen after the operation compared to the classical liposuction application. In order for the skin to warm up, the ultrasonic probe is circulated under the skin with the V mode of the Vaser device. Thus, it can be ensured that the skin is tighter and the possibility of sagging is reduced. Since this application will not cause any damage to the vessels, conditions such as bruising and bleeding are extremely rare. Depending on the nerves are not damaged, pain in the short term and numbness in the long term may be extremely low or may not be seen at all. In this way, in Vaser liposuction applications, the wavy surface appearance that can be seen in the classical liposuction method does not occur. Since no incision marks are formed on the skin in Vaser liposuction application, no scars remain after the operation.


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