SCP-3288 The Aristocrats

This SCP reading video is about SCP 3288 “The Aristocrats”, a very dangerous breed of human who seeks to replace humanity with their own and also use people as food. Seems to have originated from the House of Habsburg. TheRiceandCake as Dr. Elizabeth Varga. SCP-3288 designates a highly predatory species or subspecies of the genus Homo (Homo anthropophagus). SCP 3288 display a number of abnormal characteristics and behaviors that distinguish them from the baseline species. These abnormalities are primarily the result of excessive inbreeding but without the increased chance for certain recessive or deleterious traits, especially those related to infertility, higher infant and child mortality, and loss of immune function. These detrimental traits have not been only negated but inversely amplified, resulting in longer lifespans, increased resistance to disease, and anomalously high levels of fertility.

The Foundation became aware of SCP-3288 while investigating reports of unexplained disappearances in Vienna. It was discovered that these incidents occurred in close proximity to sewer holes and access tunnels and primarily targeted the most vulnerable of the population such as prostitutes, unsupervised children, transients, and inebriated or otherwise indisposed individuals.

Charcoalman provided much of the artwork for the SCP 3288 video

Table of Contents:
00:00 Special Containment Procedures / Description
05:54 Field Logs
18:52 SCP-3288 Alpha Interview Log
25:53 Excerpts from the journal of Leopold I
34:22 Addendum 09/23/2016
35:22 SCP-3288-6971: Interview Log (09/24/2016)

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